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~I wish that tonight you'd take me with you~ [userpic]

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May 28th, 2006 (01:19 pm)
current mood: excited
current song: The Fray-Over My Head

Schooooool's out for-ever!

Thursday was our last day! I took my chem and french finals, and just bolted haha. I didn't even get dismissed, I just left and went out for ice cream. It was fun. I've had a good summer so far lol, all three days of it.

Friday: Slept in until 8 o'clock, whoot whoot. Then took my aunt out (she's visiting from SC) for lunch and shopping. At night I went to crownie's for a cookout/campfire thing. Preetty cool. I left that at 10 and went to Carlys and had a baking party with carly, lizzie, and charlotte! We made mad good cookies, and basically stuffed ourselves until we couldn't move. We watched Xmen lol and just died from sugar/exhuastion.

Saturday: Earthfest 2006! Went to earthfest in boston with carly and her family. It was an adventure. It took us a long time to get there because 24 ended up being shut down, so we wasted an hour in traffic on the highway for nothing, drove to brigewater, waited 40 minutes for the train, then took the hour train ride to boston haha. But it was worth it. We got to earthfest at 2ish and The Fray was playing. They were really good. It was sooo crowded (because it was a free concert and all). Then James blunt played, then Los Lonely Boys. There were all sorts of tents giving away free samples and free water bottles, and we even got free back massages! I took tons of silly pictures lol. And there were a bunch of cute little kids around us, which is always amusing. Fun times. That ended at 6:30, so we ate at Finagle a Bagel and made our way home for 9:30. Lots of fun.

Today I worked 7-12:30 and my boss convinced me to leave so I could come back in at 6 tonight and work until 10! AND he is paying me a FIFTY DOLLAR bonus to do that, i'm excited lol. I need money. I agreed to work for another girl tommorow 5:30-12 too, so i'm getting money but I'll probably kill myself from working so much haha.

This week:
Monday: Work 5:30-12. Afterwards I would like to go to the beach because it's suppose to be really hot out but I don't know. Maybe I'll go to Wrentham Outlets. I need a graduation dress.
Tuesday: Senior breakfast at 9ish, then graduation practice, then we get our yearbooks!
Wednesday: Senior prom!! Yayyy exciting. Tania's mom finished my dress so it's going to look hot. Then will's house to camp out afterwards.
Thursday: the beach i think, yayy. Senior awards at 5:45
Friday:Free day, maybe i will go to school so i can get teachers to sign my yearbook, and mount some artwork for the art show.
Saturday: work 7-2 then a graduation party I might attend
Sunday: Graduation!! I'm going to cry. Graduation party hopping.

Busy week! I finagled 23 hours this week +$50 so thats good, but thats not going to cut it for all summer. I need to start some crazy job hunting.

~I wish that tonight you'd take me with you~ [userpic]

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January 22nd, 2006 (01:51 pm)
current mood: happy

Jessica finally got into college !!!

And that college is SAVANNAH COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN!!!!!!

I'm so excited, SCAD is one of my top three that I really want to go to. Its in Savannah Georgia, meaning its a beautiful campus. Its near the beach...The school has every major i want, and the option of a double major. pretty much the only bad thing is I can only get there by plane. No weekend laundry runs! Of course I need to get other acceptances (hopefully) and financial aid information before I can actually make a decision. Still, it's exciting to know that if all else fails, i can go to SCAD. It was voted "Best for studying art" in Newsweek, which is always a good sign. Yayy.

In other not as happy news, the new semester starts tommorow, meaning i have so much to read. Ap english 4, blegh. Why bother, i'm already in college! haha jk. All my schools want a final transcript at the end of the year. I don't think an F- in AP English would look so great.

~I wish that tonight you'd take me with you~ [userpic]

this entry overuses the word crappy...oh well!

September 16th, 2005 (07:48 pm)
current mood: crappy
current song: jeffrey is listening to linkin park haha

The rain + school + working + my period = ME FEELING LIKE CRAPPPP

So I am staying home tonight, in my sweatpants, being a sick, headachy loooser. I don't care. I don't want to move when it is raining and disgusting, and i have a headache on top of it. Bleh!

Good and Bads for today:

+ 98 on my stats test, highest in the class, hells yes!
- I hate that class. So boring. So unchallenging
-Constitution day. Booring
-My picture being taken when I looked crappy, BETTER not be in the paper
+My ceramic version of me coming out pretty good so far
-Working when I felt crappy
+leaving a half hour early
-Having to work again tommorow at 8, until 2
-More rain

I took my senior pictures yesterday, and I was upset because you know, that time of the month, and lots of rain. So no outdoor pictures, but I didn't feel like rescheduling and having to come back another day. It was enough of an effort to leave school early and get all dressed and all my outfits together. My mom came with me. She was like "Well, since it is pouring and you don't feel good, your pictures will probably come out awesome." I hope she is right! I wore five outfits: 1) a red cardigan with a black tank top and jeans 2) a blue wrap shirt with a white tank top and jeans 3) A flowy light blue shirt with black dress pants 4)a jean jacket, purple tee shirt and khaki pants and 5) a green military style jacket with a red shirt. Yay! Haha. I felt really awkward in some of his poses, but hey, he's been doing it for a bunch of years. I'm sure he knows what he is doing! I go to see my pictures and to choose a yearbook one on Sept 27, which is pretty far. Hopefully my yearbook one will be ready by the school deadline.

Speaking of yearbook, i'm joining the yearbook staff! I'm so excited. I'm going to try and design a cover. I need to think of a cool idea. Clearly, it will have a tiger on it, because it always does, but I want to think up something original. Hmmm...

Oh and my myspace pictures are updated. If you care. http://www.myspace.com/11611080

~I wish that tonight you'd take me with you~ [userpic]

Colleges! eek!

September 2nd, 2005 (12:08 pm)
current mood: satisfied

I survived the first week of school! I love this semester. All my teachers are good, and all my classes are good. Yay!

I've been thinking about colleges, and I've decided to major in Graphic Arts because it is the best major to get my my dream job (Art director at a fashion magazine!!) I will minor in something else too, like advertising art or illustration. Here is my list of schools to apply to:

Boston University (reach school)...(in boston of course)
Pratt Institute (in NYC)
Savannah College of Art and Design (in Savannah Georgia)
New England School of Art and Design at Suffolk University (in Boston)
Mass College of Art (in Boston)
Umass Amherst or Umass Dartmouth (safety schools, in amherst and dartmouth MA obviously)

I'm thinking maybe one or two more schools and I'll be good. So thats three nonart schools with art programs, and three completley art schools. Sounds good to me!

Now I just need to visit them..

~I wish that tonight you'd take me with you~ [userpic]

(no subject)

August 15th, 2005 (10:56 am)
current mood: bored

What a waste of life today is. Half of my friends are at (or heading to, at least) Warped Tour right now and yet I'm stuck at home. I have to stay home alll morning because
the tile guys are coming from Home Depot today to put in new tile, and III have to supervise them. Of course, they were suppose to come in around 8or 9 annnd its almost 11. And they are not here. And i am bored out of my mind! I got called into work too, and I would have gone if I could have becuase I only have 15 hours this week. I also can't go for a walk, or go develop my pictures. So I am sitting here, reading Savage Inequalities for summer reading. (It's the nonfiction book, and I thought it was be deathly boring but it's actually really good. It's about kids in poor, urban areas and the inequality of the schools they go to. It is really shocking...and depressing. But at least it's not boring to read!) So yeah. Funx11.

~I wish that tonight you'd take me with you~ [userpic]

(no subject)

August 14th, 2005 (04:04 pm)
current mood: hot

I can't believe it...Summer is almost over! :(:( A few more things I would like to do before school officially starts:

-Finish my scrapbook (not going to happen :-p)
-Read at least one more summer reading book (no WAY i can finish, i have to read three plays, one nonfiction novel, one fiction novel, two issues of the New Yorker, three essays, and 15-20 poems still!!!!)
-Finish decorating my room
-Go to the beach at least one last time
-Have people sleep over,go swimming, whatever. End of the summer sleepover haha.
-Go clothes shopping!! (I want to put this off so i can lose weight haha)

This week I'm only working Wednesday 1-6. No other plans, really. My dad told me we can't look at any schools until OCTOBER!! He is working nights through the end of september, and i work weekends. We could possibly look at local schools but I would have to take days off from work. Arghhh stressful!

~I wish that tonight you'd take me with you~ [userpic]


March 20th, 2005 (05:47 pm)
current mood: anxious

First day of sprinngggg!!!!!! :-D

I celebrated by...washing the car. Even though it was really cold. Lol. Oh well.

This weekend=me driving horrible. Ugh. I'm afraid to drive now, I really am :-\ Figures. My parents bought a new car today, meaning I will get the ALtima in a week or so. Hopefully I will magically become a good driver by then.

Anyways. Enough of that. I feel as I have spent too much time dwelling over it. I need to be happy. After all, it is almost april. I almost have a car (that hopefully I won't kill anymore). And I think I'm going to go on the trip to Italy next february. I want to go soooooooo bad. Hopefully I won't miss the meeting again this year. Speaking of which, the one year anniversary of my memeres death is coming up. How depressing...No Jessica, happy thoughts!! Easter is this sunday, I can't believe how quick that came! Luckily, last week I asked my boss if I could work on good Friday instead of Easter and he agreed. Today half the people I was working with were pleading to have Easter off and he was getting pissed, being like "You have to ask in advance!!!" So i'm glad I did. I'm working Friday 8-1, and I don't really know how I'm going to get there...or home...Oh well. I'm sure i can figure out SOMETHING.

This essay is just a mash of nothingness.

Hmm...Should I make a myspace?

annnnddd.....Only 36ish days until Jimmy eat world and taking back sunday! Oh rapture! <3

the end.

~I wish that tonight you'd take me with you~ [userpic]

(no subject)

January 23rd, 2005 (06:25 pm)
current mood: relieved

Snow day tommorow! Ew. Haha. I didn't go into work today because there was no way to get out of my driveway and besides, i really didn't think they needed me. The only people coming to Dunkin Donuts would be the snow plow guys. Yeah, I think they survived lol. I shoveled for an hour and a half and got like, nothing done. And then this guy from next door saw me and my mom shoveling and kindly offered to use his snow blower and finish the rest. That was really nice of him. My dad left at 6 this morning because he had to go to work down the cape...he ended up getting stuck 2 miles away from where he needed to be. I guess he ended up staying stuck all day, so it was COMPLETLEY pointless for him to risk his life and drive down there. Mom and I told him not to go but that's my dad-has to be the hero in dangerous situations! Anyways, so he'll probably come home tommorow night.

All I did today was...well I finished my Puritan project. I made a puritan outfit for a barbie ahha. I was having fun with it. I wish I could sew for REAL. I made the outfit with tape, and the crappiest sewing ever. But like I said, it was fun.

Now the only hw I have to do is...read 2 stories. Answer questions. 4 more chapters of Scarlett Letter. annnndd a narration due for wednesday.

Ap english=my death. I mean really. How could I get everything done without a snow day? I think we should just have four day weeks from now on so I can finish all my goddamn hw.

But i do like the snow :-)

~I wish that tonight you'd take me with you~ [userpic]

(no subject)

October 19th, 2004 (07:30 pm)
current mood: melancholy

Today was...kind of crappy. There was a gas leak during C block, so the entire school had to go outside and stand in the RAIN and the FREEZING cold for more than a half an hour! It sucked so bad. I didn't have a hood, and I probably am going to be sick now. Ughhh. I hate that. My game was cancelled, so at least I didn't have to be outside in the rain all afterschool too. I went home and had some tea. It was nice. I know that once field hockey is over I won't get to do that...I'm going to have to start working out and NOT being lazy, and of course working afterschool if I can. Fun! No.

In art, we have a homework assignment to make a book of hand drawings. Ok, fine. I figured today was the perfect day to do it, since I had a lot more time. Wrong. I go home, and what do i do? Completley fuck up the entire book. I can't make a decent drawing, so I try to do it in color. Bad Idea. All I ended up with was a blob of yellow and brown. I couldn't look at it. I ripped it out. Now I have to go to school tommorow, make a complete new book, and start from scratch. It got me upset. I can't do six drawings in one night! Especially tomorrow night,i won't have enough time! Ugghh...It just made my crappy day all the worse. The project we are doing in art sucks too...Aka it is the same thing! I hate drawing hands, I can only do it for about two minutes and then I want to scoop out my eyeballs. Art is suppose to be enjoyable, but lately it has just been making me sooo frustrated.

Oh and unrelated to that, I won honorable mention in that poster contest again. Weird. My poster reeeally sucked this year, and I'm not even just saying that. It was drawn so bad. Whatever.

I need to stop this update before my bad mood filters onto everyone else.

...Go red sox!

~I wish that tonight you'd take me with you~ [userpic]

(no subject)

September 18th, 2004 (02:28 pm)
current mood: depressed

Does anyone else find a gyrating carebear marketed toward 7 and 8 year old girls that plays "Let's get physical" is somewhat creepy?

Sigh. What is up with toys today.

I hate the weather. It keeps pouring...and is cold...and I had to work. But I got off an hour early. Yeah only 10 hours this week,haha. Oh well. Not like I have time to spend money lol.

I was in the worst mood after the field hockey game yesterday. Like, I couldn't stop crying. It was bad. I just wanted to curl up in a ball and fall asleep...That mood has carried on to today too. Blah! I hate it. I just want to get out of this funk. The fact that I have to work again tommorow and then go right to field hockey practice from 3-5:30 doesn't help either. I,really,ugh. It's not good. Now today at 4 or 5 i have to go to my little cousin's birthday party and I really don't want to. I feel like I've already gone to this exact party at least 3 times in the last couple of months. Same people, same food, same conversations. I hate it. I want to go out and do something fun, go shopping, see a movie. It's my only afternoon without field hockey and I just want to DO something. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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